Warm my bones is a place where I wish to register some parts of my children’s childhood. I myself had a lovely childhood in the company of my four sisters. I just remember us doing such fun things as having tea together. We would set the table for tea with everything proper: a tea pot, jam, biscuits, etc but we would laugh so much during it that by the end we, and everything else, would be sprayed with tea. Everything in a complete and uterly disaray. With all the hip-cups of growing up, I wish I can always provide my children with a fun, care-free childhood.

Warm my bones is named from the fact that I am from a sunny country living now in the not so sunny England . 

Photo: my dear friend Ana in a adaption play of  Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – where she and another best friend Herminia acted the most funny tea party ever


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